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What is it?

TripRobin is a service that allows travelers to customize a trip within a set budget, and personalize aspects of the trip, based on their needs.

Whether you're a student looking to go on that spring break trip with all your friends on a cash-strapped budget or a professional who needs to get the most out of their allocated travel budget; we provide a service that will make it easier, faster and maybe even more fun to plan that trip!

How it Works

The traveler inputs their budget and selects the options (flights only initially) that they require for their trip along with the necessary information to make their accommodations.

The search results are then returned based on the traveler’s required options and budget. The results are displayed starting with the options as close to the budget without going over and decreasing in cost from there.

We also provide the cheapest option that is available based on the traveler's search criteria in case they would like to maximize their savings.


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